Service & Parts
Basic Service
Full Service
Full Service + High Spec Parts/Oil
Turbo Fitting 3 Hours Labour for Non Aircon / 4 Hours for Air Con
Aircon Re-Gas
Radiator (uprated Aluminium core)
Clutch OEM
Cambelt Kit and Both Auxiliary Belts
Aux Tensioner, Idler and Belts Fitted
Cam cover gasket and 5 o-ring seals
Brakes & Brake Lines
Front Brakes Service - Apec Discs and Pads, inc caliper strip
Rear Brakes - Apec Discs and Pads
Handbrake Cables
Front Flexi Pipes
Front Arms
Antiroll Bar Links
£25 Each
Rear Wheel Bearing
Rear Trailing arm Refurbishment Depending on if Bolt Seized or Not
Performance Modifications
Uprated 6 Paddle Rated upto 400bhp
Uprated helix 6 Paddle Rated upto 500bhp
Uprated fuel pump walbro (255) New
Fuel Pump Wiring and Relay Upgrade
Standard Turbo Supplied Only
Full body Undercoat
Modified Auxiliary pulley supplied only
Modified Auxiliary pulley with both aux belts
We now offer an inhouse live mapping service. Give us a call for more information and prices.
Labour Rates and Other Services
Our Labour Rate is £40 / Hour + VAT
Quotes for Bodyword available on request
Specialist engineering and product machining available - give us a call!