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Fiat Coupe Specialists based in Shepshed, Leicestershire, our central location gives us a unique advantage to provide car servicing, accident repairs, engine tuning and performance upgrades plus vehicle engineering services across the East Midlands.

We specialise in Italian cars, such as Fiats, Alfa Romeos, and particularly Fiat Coupes. With over 15 years experience working for dealerships for all these makes, we know these cars inside and out. From servicing to track day preparation and big power rebuilds, we can offer you expert advice and services on your Fiat Coupe.

We offer a FREE no obligation checkover on all vehicles! Collection and delivery service for any vehicle and have a selection of courtesy cars is also available for all our customers.

John Cartlidge

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Our Very Own 500BHP Fiat Coupé 20 Valve Turbo!

One of the most famous coupes known in Britain and now Europe has been quietly undergoing a few tweeks. All be it, known for its unreliability early on it has now started to behave. After Barbz worked his magic yet again and built me probably the best and highest spec'd 20vt yet to date we took it on the rollers early in the year and maxed out the turbo at 440 bhp @ 1.85bar. This was enough to do very well around Spa in Belgium.

LE 140 Our Biggest Challenge Yet...

The phone rang and this was the first time i spoke to Martin, the owner of Fiat coupe LE 140. He said that he owned a Fiat coupe and was looking to have a checkover and a few mods to achieve around 300 Bhp. ''No problem'' I said, not knowing what was ahead. Martin delivered the coupe to me for a checkover. First signs were not good. Immediately I could see the bodywork had seen better days and that the manifold didnt sound like it was connected to the head at all. Nevertheless Martin stood at the door whilst i gave the coupe a checkover...

What Happens When The Belts Let Go

Every Fiat Coupé Owners worse nightmare is the dreaded cam belt snapping or the auxiliary belt shredding and wrapping itself around the cam belt consequently destroying the engine. After a recent visit from a customer whose cam belt snapped we decided to take some photos and show you exactly what happens under that rocker cover.

JBT Modified Lower Pully
One of the biggest killers for these cars is the Aux Belt shredding off the pully and wrapping itself around the cam belt and consequently killing the engine. We have developed using our in house CNC Machinery a new improved lower pulley with a built in guard to deflect the belt away from the cam belt should it fail. We have had many stories of cars that have been saved from this great bit of kit.
Performance 6 Paddle Clutch
This clutch kit is a 3 piece kit. Helix 6 Paddle friction disc, uprated organic based cover plate and release bearing. We now use the helix paddle and the organic cover plate. So typically vibration is reduced and you have a much lighter pedal than the conventional organic but utilize the clamping force of the organic cover. We also now use a temporary 0.2mm surface for bedding in purposes which after 200-300 miles means the clutch is ready for full use. So far these have held power upto 420bhp without any issues.
Full 12 Piece Silicon Water Hose Kits
We have organised the manufacturing of a full 12 piece silicon water hose replacement kit for the Fiat Coupé. There are many kits currently available but as to date none cater for the full 12 hoses. If you do not require the full kit we can supply individual hoses. Our hoses are available in a wide range of colours.