We are proud of the work we do for our customers - some of them have taken the time to write about our service.

"...Another thanks to john. he had my car for a week for cambelt and clutch change. as other posts have stated he pointed out all the things that are good and bad about the car.

A few bits needed doing,massive discount, now the car drives like just out of the showroom,just needs to look like that now lol. Thanks john for all the advice,calls,and work, wouldnt hesitate to leave my car with you again."

My Midlands Car Servicing experience:
My cam belt was due for replacement again also I had a cracked manifold which I wanted replacing for a stainless manifold. After meeting John a few times at various meets over the years i thought I'd give him a call. I took my car over to him, he had a look over the car while I was there.

There was a few more jobs needed doing:
Front arms, front anti roll bar links, oil return pipe, rear engine coolant hose, cam cover gasket, nsf track rod end, osf front brake pipe, osf front flexi brake pipe, rigid copper brake lines, nsf diff seal, theromstat & handbrake cables. (A few more than i expected)

So i left the car with John & headed home in his loan car. I had a couple of calls from John letting me how the work was coming along. Fitting the stainless manifold wasn't as straight forward as planned. The air con wouldn't fit with the new manifold. Thankfully John was able to machine some spacers to enable the compresser to fit. Also make various other adjustments required to fit a stainless manifold to a car with a 5 stud downpipe. I got a call from John to tell me the car was all finished, So I made the 60 mile trip to collect my car. The car feels great to drive, a huge improvement. I'm very pleased with the work that has been done & for a very good price too. I can highly recommend Midlands Car Servicing, proper coop specialist."


As you may know I became the proud owner of Cheech's Grigio Moon 20VT6 5 weeks ago. I was aware of a few issues with the car (this was reflected in the price; many thanks Phil), and took her up to Midland Car Servicing on my way to Sheffield. John put the car up on the ramps and gave a thorough inspection, explaining all the bad points (and a few good ones). Although I was only intending for the car to be there for the afternoon I decided to go for the full Monty, so -

  • Rear Trailing arms
  • Full service with NGK Iridiums + Mobil 1
  • Track rod ends, front arms and ARBs + tracking
  • Alloy radiator + cam cover gasket + thermostat
  • CHOD, turbo/water rail pipe and oil return pipe
  • Handbrake cables
  • Brake pipes
  • Undercoating

Left her there and continued my journey in the courtesy (?) Ka. I'd also bought a used turbo off a forum member for my Scottie 20VT - he inspected this and told me it was u/s, so I arranged with John to supply and fit a new unit when I returned to pick up the Moon. A few days later I returned in Scottie - same procedure - up on the ramps, full inspection and then;

  • New Turbo + oil change + oil return pipe
  • Front Arms + track rod end/tracking
  • Brake pipes
  • ARB links
  • MOT

Battled my way back up to Shepshed yesterday in the Ka. John took pity on me and my wallet by doing some stuff FOC (HID kit, boost gauge and new Barnacle widget all fitted to the Scottie) and whilst he was sorting out the Moon's suspension he popped the lowering springs on her from Joe's group buy.

Both cars feel transformed - the driving experience in the Moon is just superb, and (I hope) most of the problem areas on both cars have been addressed. Great service, great knowledge, great enthusiasm, great mince pies and drinkable coffee. I'll be back in Jan/Feb for a new clutch in the Moon prior to her being Flea'd (MOT due in March ) and I really want to see the 500+bhp Pug 205 have a race with John's monster Coupe!

John, all the best to all at MCS for your help and I will be up for the Midland meet in Jan/Feb provided it ever stops snowing - might schedule the clutch for the same time!


Took my Fiat Coupe to john for an oil change which he did while I waited in a very short time while he had the car up on the ramp he had a good look all over the car for me and gave advice on all the good and bad things he also did a few other bits and bobs which lets face it any other mechanic whould just do the oil change and thats it. I came away knowing much more about my car and also a mechanic for life. My Fiat Coupe is never going anywhere else for service and repairs. So if your near to leicestershire jnc 22 M1 theres only one place to go."

A very happy Chris Brown

I would definatelty agree with the previous post, I first came across john when I brought some parts off him a while ago from the forum, I contacted him lately to see if had another part but unfortunatey he didn't, we got chatting and he informed me that he had gone self employed and as was working for himself. Since then I have had my clutch replaced, front suspension, brake pipes, wheel bearing actuator and even had the Mrs's Mini Cooper s brakes changed (by him). I would definatly recomend John to anybody he is very helpful, knowledgable and competitively priced and would not think of using any other mechanic from now on.


Car in for health check! John Is a top bloke only free day I could spare to come up was Sunday and also needed to stay mobile! No problem for John he was there Dirty overalls @11.30 sunday morning and keys for the courtesy car in hand! Straight away he was talking about my car having a quick flick about the engine/underside etc noticing good things and bad things..after a good chat about his motor and a couple of high flyers he had in the yard Nissan skyline and RS500 cosworth! he definately has the Fiat Coupe vibe and knowledge! just wish I had the funds to put more work his way! Cheers for your help John, and advice and service!


I also agree with all of the above!! Got my car back from John on friday about 4.30,after john doing a compression test, full service, slave clyinder, thermostat, finding out why my heaters don't work, and a general check over of the car which he does any way with a full service!! The car feels fantastic, it was before but even better now!!!

I got the car back from john with lots of praises about my car, he even treated the only small bit of corrosion he couldn't find! (which I didn't ask him to do!!) That is the sort of bloke John is!! He did all of this for 295 pounds which I think is a complete bargin!! So if you want this kind of service get on the phone and book your Fiat Coupe in with john you won't be disapointed!! Thanks again john for doing a graet job with my car!!!


Will never take my Fiat Coupe anywhere else.
I have used another trader in here for previous repairs and havent been impressed with the price or the work that has been done.
I had my clutch and timing belt replaced and this was all done in 2 days, I had a courtesy car which was free of charge and was informed every step of the way as to the progress of the work undertaken.

Fantastic service. Second to none.

Thanks again John


just a quick write up, I have recently had a load of work done by John including replacing a gearbox, turbo, belts, manifold repair and undercoating along with a few other things

John picked my car up in Ayrshire saving me a drive to the midlands and delivered in back a couple of weeks later. The process was not smooth due to the car having probs, namely the gearbox that I had built, not by John, having a crack in the casing which John replaced for me, we were also pushed for time which resulted in John working a few late nights to get the car ready for me.

Have the say I think the measure of a decent mechanic is how they deal with probs and John has been thoroughly decent and has contacted me since to check that everything is running with the car as it should be.

Would have no hesitancy in recommending John to anyone plus I got a discount on the work done



This guy is without a doubt a Fiat Coupe specialist! I took my car to john to have the brakes looked at and a wishbone changed but needed much more work done and john instructed me of the work needed before he started it where as most other mechanics would have just done what you asked for and sent you on your way. The work he carried out is brill and the car feels so much better and the price is good too!

He checks the whole car over and advises of any future work that it needs doing and the severity of it.

I agree with everyone above and I too have found a mechanic for life and will not use anybody else.

Thanks for the great work john.